Go to the doctor’s office during a pandemic? Absolutely!

Why should we keep our appointments with the pediatrician when there’s a pandemic going on? Isn’t that too risky? Our Dr. Marimon discusses the importance of keeping up with your children’s health, staying up to date with vaccinations (including the annual flu vaccine) and continuing to follow routine well child visits with your pediatrician!

Coronavirus–what do we know? What can we do?

Coronavirus 19 (or Covid-19) has, in a few short weeks, traveled all around the world and has infected thousands already. What do we know about this new pandemic and its cause? What can we do to minimize exposure to this new virus? Our Dr. Marimon speaks with Rashel Diaz on Un Nuevo Dia about thisContinue reading “Coronavirus–what do we know? What can we do?”

There’s a vaccine against cancer! Should I give it to my child?

Almost 80 million Americans have Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a virus that is a cause of genital warts and cancers including cervical, penile, anal, and oropharyngeal which kill thousands annually. Our Dr. Gilma Marimon shares her views on the HPV vaccine on Un Nuevo Dia! Also, please visit the CDC for more information about HPVContinue reading “There’s a vaccine against cancer! Should I give it to my child?”