Office Vaccine Policy

We, here at Marimón Pediatrics, respect every parent’s right as the ultimate decision maker in their children’s healthcare choices. However, as medical professionals who are scientists, we also know that vaccines save lives. An appropriately vaccinated population not only protects those who have been vaccinated, but also those that cannot be vaccinated! This includes your precious newborns in our waiting room and examination rooms.

Because of this, we have the following policies in our office:

  • All patients must adhere to the AAP and CDC recommended vaccination schedules. Exceptions will only be made when the child is ill at the time he or she is to receive the scheduled vaccine. A make up dose will be given as soon as possible after your child has recovered from their illness.
  • We will only accept new patients who will adhere to the AAP/CDC recommended vaccination schedule.

We believe these policies to be the best at protecting all of our patients. Please feel free to ask the doctor if you have any questions about this policy or vaccinations in general!